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Aerospace Release Agent

Waterworks Aerospace Release

A non-hazardous mold release system designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Waterworks combines the latest release technology with the convenience of an environmentally safe product. The Waterworks system is free from hazardous and flammable materials, and government safety approval means no costly facility improvements. In addition, Waterworks products are 100% alcohol- and solvent-free and can be shipped worldwide with no added expenses.
  • VOC- and HAP-free 
  • No need for ventilation and sprinkler system improvements
  • Fireproof storage cabinets not required
  • Provides easy release and improves quality of molded parts
  • Aerospace Approved
  • AQMD Approved


Product Temp. Cans Use Characteristics/Use PDS MSDS
Fresh Start - 0,5 L / 4 liters Cleaner Fresh Start is effective in removing most contaminants and semi-permanent release coatings on both new
and existing tools.
[lien_pdf] [lien_pdf]
PreFlight 500F 0,5 L / 4 liters Tool surface
PreFlight is a tool surface conditioner developed to treat both the chemical and physical bonding sites found
on every "raw" tool surface to prepare for the application of Departure release agent.
[lien_pdf] [lien_pdf]
Departure 500F 0,5 L / 4 liters Release agent Departure is a versatile, nonhazardous polymer that chemically bonds to the tool surface.
Departure is thermally stable up to 500° F. (260° C.).
[lien_pdf] [lien_pdf]
TakeOff 500F 5 liters Release agent Take Off is a versatile, nonhazardous polymer that chemically bonds to the tool surface. Take Off is thermally stable up to 500° F. (260° C.). [lien_pdf] [lien_pdf]
PregMagic 500F 0,2 L / 4 liters Pre-preg tack
PregMagic is specially designed to ease the problem of wrinkle-free layout and precision “stacking” of drier
 pre-pregs and peel-ply materials by creating a temporarily tacky surface on the tool.
[lien_pdf] [lien_pdf]


DEPARTURE is now available in wipes.

DEPARTURE pre-saturated wipes are engineered to deliver release agent
to the surface without risk of over-application. The applicator cloth
holds the product well (eliminating rapid evaporation) and distributes a
fine dispersion of droplets across the mold surface, providing easy
control and complete coverage.

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