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GDPR compliance

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in the European Union. All companies, public institutions and associations that collect personal data on European residents are concerned. The same applies to non-EU companies that collect and process personal data from European residents.

This text will frame the way in which personal information is collected, processed and stored.

Here are some items that will change with the GDPR :

1 - Unambiguous consent: we no longer have the right to possess your data without your permission, which means more transparency about the data management policy. To use your personal data we need your consent.

2 - The right to portability: we must be able to provide, on request, all your data in an accessible and reusable format.

3 - Data outside the EU: With the RGPD it is forbidden to transfer the personal data of a visitor outside the European Union. A company established in France whose servers are located outside the EU will be in breach.

4 - The right to be forgotten: you can ask us to completely delete your personal data that we hold. We have one month only to delete the data following a request (against two previously).

5 - Security breach: As soon as the breach is detected, we have to inform the competent authorities and concerned users within 72 hours.

6 - DPO (Data Privacy Officer): for large-scale data processing or sensitive data, a DPO must be appointed to ensure compliance with regulations and proper maintenance of the register of processing activities.

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