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In recent years, Diatex has made efforts to develop close relationships with its partners, who have gradually become subcontractors or even full-fledged subsidiaries. Working closely in this way with its textile weaving and enhancement subsidiaries has enabled the company to integrate and oversee all of its textile industry players.

A concern for environmental protection and human health has led Diatex and its subsidiaries to establish stringent measures in compliance with REACH regulations. Therefore, energy constraints and treating the wastewater from fabric manufacturing are key issues for the company. 

Upon customer request, Diatex works with its partners to draw up specifications that optimize the technical properties of the products. There is a heavy demand for customized solutions, and the company also has a production workshop where such solutions can be developed. 

At Diatex, we can count on the active collaboration of a number of high-profile partners for its technological and industrial developments. Our preferred partners of course include Diatex subsidiaries. The close ties we maintain with our partners enable us to be more receptive to our customers and offer them a range of better-designed products. Through our partners, we also gain a unique perspective on future strategies and new trends in products and technology. The technological center sponsored by Diatex is unquestionably at the origin of the company’s new developments and patents.

Our partners also include the companies we represent in France. They contribute to our development by supplying essential ancillary products that are compatible with our production.

 4 subsidiaries

  • TissageS des Mûres : Weaving

  • Teinture de Saint Jean : Dyeing

  • Aeroform France : Autoclave manufacturer

  • Cipodec : Cutting






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