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Composite Division

Based near Lyon, France, DIATEX is specialized in technical fabrics and supplies all types of bagging materials used in vacuum moulding, vacuum infusion, RTM and RTM Light processes in composite-parts production. DIATEX set up its production site in the Rhône-Alpes region, at the heart of the textile industry, to facilitate close quality control from start to finish. Thus DIATEX ensures appropriate standards at each and every stage of the production of its technical peel-ply fabrics. Concerned about environmental protection issues and the health of product users, Diatex is moving increasingly into the framework known as "Eco Design" to meet customer requirements. The aim is to manufacture a range of bagging materials which respect REACH standards and Oeko Tex Certification as ecologically harmless for humans. Diatex also :


  • supplies vacuum pumps and vacuum plants specially designed for the composite industry by MIL’S ;
  • is involved in RTM processing and distributes Composite Integration’s injection machines in the French market ;
  • offers release agents from the ZYVAX range ;
  • has expanded its research activities by recruiting specialists and reinvesting a significant percentage of its turnover in the implementation of new processes. 


DIATEX’s success is founded on a thorough knowledge of its customers’ needs and an innovative approach towards the development and manufacture of products that make their jobs easier. As formal evidence of its commitment to professional quality management, Diatex has successfully completed its follow-up audit for the updated ISO 9001:2008, EN9100 V2009 and EN9120 certifications, placing it among the leading certified suppliers to the aerospace industry.


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