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V400 injection valve


The Injection valve links the resin injection/meter mix machine to the inlet port of a typical closed mould. It ensures clean operation, straightforward isolation of the mould cavity, vacuum tight sealing and is easily cleaned as part of the normal machine cycle.

In addition, the use of such a valve enables automation of the process and reduces the need for operator intervention

The V400 Injection Valve (patent pending) is highly reliable in operation with very low maintenance requirements.

Its unique design enables use with filled, unfilled, DCPD polyester and epoxy resin systems without modification. The ‘nose’ design, and careful positioning of the material ports, allows use in deep mould structures with limited access.

Ease of maintenance was a prime consideration during design, and the valve can be simply disassembled if necessary.

By careful value engineering the valve has been made affordable for use with VM/RTM light.

Back to back production trials with the alternative commercially available valves have proven the V400 to provide unrivalled reliability.

A combination of innovative design, robust construction and highest quality components ensures excellent results with a wide range of resin types under the harshest conditions.


The valve can be cleaned as part of a normal meter mix machine cycle including a solvent flush followed by thorough drying with pressurised air. Once cleaned, the meter mix machine may be disconnected.

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