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Vacuum moulding



Diatex has designed a specific range of bagging materials for prepregs and hand lay-up composite materials with vacuum polymerisation.

Vacuum moulding draping optimization by Diatex
Optimized draping with high elongation films and multilayer systems used for vacuum moulding process by Diatex.

The success of Diatex is based on the manufacture of innovating products, such as VacuopeelVacuoplex MP and Vacuolease, whose purpose is to facilitate the application of environmental products by users during drape moulding operations.

Diatex also offers all standard environmental products as well as the equipment which is used in this manufacture process in compliance with our quality system.

Diatex R&D department : working towards innovation. From the manufacture of technical textiles to the design of vacuum systems, Diatex has developed its research activities by recruiting specialists and reinvesting a significant percentage of its turnover into the implementation of new processes.

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