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Sealant tape

DIATEX provides preformed sealants fot the production of flexible seals. Sealant tapes are used to form a seal between the vacuum bagging film and the mould tool surface. Easy to implement. Removal without leaving residues.
Compatible with most vacuum films and resins. Very good chemical resistance. Contact us for sealant tapes to be used up to 400°C.

Designation Max Temp Dimension Colour Use
LSM3000FLEX 90°C 1,5 mm x 50 mm x 10 m Grey Diadrain MP
LSM6000 90°C 3 mm x 13 mm x 13 m Brown Low temp.
LSM1310 110°C 2,5 mm x 12 mm x 15 m Black Low temp. hyper tack
LSM5200 140°C 2,5 mm x 12 mm x 15 m Black High tack
SM5127 205°C 3,2 mm x 12,7 mm x 7,62 m Black High temp.
LSM5000 140°C 2 mm x 9 mm x 15 m Black High tack
LSM7000 210°C 3 mm x 12 mm x 12,5 m Yellow High temp, (soft)
SM5126 232°C 3,2 mm x 12,7 mm x 9,15 m Black Very high temp.
SM5160 399°C 3,2 mm x 12,7 mm x 9,15 m Brown Thermoplastic
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