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Agricultural range

Diatex propose you a large range of products and services to answer to your needs in the field of agriculture :

  • horticulture
  • vegetable products
  • gathering nets
  • protection on red fruits
  • arboriculture
  • etc.


F1132 green

PE 0131

FOM 20 on salad

Our products are also used in others fields like : protection of ovines (shade), heliciculture, protection of batrachians, apiculture, pisciculture …
Please contact us for any information.

Special makings

Since 1986, we can supply you with shade nets, wind break, anti-hail and gathering nets, insect-proof fabrics…
Our workshop manufactures every kind of tarpaulin (until 800 m² ), covers, fabrics for roof openings, cages , muffs …Using simple or double sewing with eyelets, velcro, zippers , straps, curls, etc…PVC reinforcement, metallic, plastics.
Photographs of many of our products are available on our internet site.

Standard : green or black are commonly used. They have a very good stabilization against ultraviolet rays.
White : (translucent). Does not modify luminous specter. Light is not filtered.

Caution  :
A white shade net is much less resistant than a green or black one. Other colours (blue for example) are available. Please contact us.

Cutting out
Every kind of fabric or net can be cut out at the length you wish from a standard roll. For example, a 100 metres roll can provide 4 pieces of 25 metres or 2 pieces of 50 ml.

For a fabric : about 10/12 years.
For a net : about 8/10 years.
We don’t give any guarantee on our fabrics... Nevertheless, we have been producing this technical fabrics since 1970.

All our fabrics and nets are controlled in our laboratory. They are minutely inspected, as our aeronautic fabrics.

With sewing : For technical reasons, we cannot produce items larger than 800 sqm.
Without sewing : Fabrics : 145-200-250-300-400-500 cm. Nets : 100-150-200-300-400-600 cm , others on request
Special : Widths less than 6 metres are specially manufactured from 15000 sqm.
Widths greater than 6 metres are made by sewing.

our nets can be manufactured to your requirements (big length rolls 250 m / 500 m).
A few example : If the weight is less than 50 g/sqm, we can produce rolls up to 500 metres long.
On a basis of 100 g/sqm, we can produce rolls up to 200 metres long.

All our nets are manufactured on a standard width of 1 and 1,5 metres for a maximal width of 6 metres. In this way, we can obtain widths of 1-1,5-2-3-4-6 metres with a strengthened borders.

Raw material
Monofilament in polyethylene, stabilized to ultraviolet rays (Black Carbon for dark colours).

All our nets are rolled up on a plastic tube. All widths greater than 3 metres are folded.


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