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Tents, covers and muffs

Hanging insect-proof cages

Hanging cages (light-weight structure).

Diatex can provide sets of cages of netting assembled with doors, suspension straps and metal structures

PVC flap for anchoring – reinforced angles ….

Interior cages for greenhouses

The cages are custom-built and suspended by straps from the crop supports in tunnels, for example.

Possible options for cage finishes

  • Ordinary PVC flap or casing (for ballasting).
  • Sleeves for routing drip hoses.
  • Access door with air-blower (the door zipper is protected in an air-blower with adjustable tension straps).

Materials used :

  • 9 mm mesh plastic zipper.
  • 25 mm and 50 mm wide (automotive-type) polyester straps
  • 25 mm wide plastic loops.
  • 300 g/mol PVC.
  • Cages : With zipper or velcro openings, PVC for anchoring, suspension straps, plastic loops, reinforcement...


Assembled tarpaulins


Conventional tarpaulins for insect-proof tunnels and shade, with casings for securement along the widths.
Purpose : For routing a cable to keep the tarpaulin supported on the end arches.

Tarpaulins with finished edges
reinforcement straps + metal eyelets with reinforced centres.

Ordinary tarpaulins without casings for installation directly on the ground.

Greenhouse gables


For all types (greenhouses / tunnels / frames).

Anchoring flaps made of PVC or fabric.
Securement casings on the greenhouse extensions (in PVC or other material).
Additional option of securing the edges of the gable with aluminium clips.
Gables : with or without doors (for all types of tunnels).
We provide plans for most standard tunnels.
Contact us.

Sleeves / Isolation bags


Sleeves with or without closures.

Closure by encased halyard or elastic rope
(for open sleeves).

Zippered openings.

Insect-proof strips for vents


A strip fastened by sandow cords affixed at the centre of the fabric : the sandow cord is threaded through looped tape sewn along the length of the fabric.
When the vent is closed, the strip of fabric folds naturally in half on the inside.

Fastening of screens with sleeves sewn in the centre of the IP fabric and around the frame. (The screen is in a fixed position in this case).

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