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Diatex Isola System

The Diatex Isola system provides effective crop protection against anemophilous and entomophilous pollination.

Textile tent

Opening system

Low enclosures reinforced for ground anchoring.
Optimised, uniform stress distribution.
Super-sized straps and loops.
Easy handling.
Superior mechanical strength.
Enclosure fully tension-adjustable (at every 1.5 m depending on the model)
No incipient tear tabs.
Sealing sleeves for footpaths (enclosures > 6 m).
The eight stitched edges absorb the majority of the stress via the straps which must always be tightened.
Metal reinforcements located on the outside of the enclosure.
Maximum protection for colonies (if the insects are inside).


DIATEX door (sheltered model)


Deployment time : about 30 seconds !
The zip fastener is protected from inclement weather, mud spatter and especially from tearing.
Service life can exceed 4 years with normal conditions of use.

Two problems to consider :

Wind generates tension load. 100% crop security is necessary.

Solutions :

An exclusive process for tensile load absorption.
A microporous zip fastener, smooth incline (air blower)
Various shapes possible : C - U - L – I
The door is fully tension-adjustable (plastic loops).


Metal structures

A DIATEX-ISOLA 63 (6 x 3 m) structure, for example, is made of :

A central component including :

  • 2 supports, 6 braces, 3 horizontal crossbars, 2 cross-frames (clamp + bolts + cable).

An end component including :

  • 4 supports, 6 braces, 4 horizontal crossbars, 4 cross-frames (clamp + bolts + cable).


Technical features

Tubing, supports and crossbars : 32 mm in diameter x 1.5 mm thick.
Braces : 32 mm in diameter x 1.5 mm thick.
Clamps and hooks : Specially manufactured by DIATEX.
Bolts : Conventional (French standard).
Wire : N16.



Detachable zip fastener + removable interior separating partition (with or without door).
One half is located on the enclosure and the other half on the partition. This option is viable for all systems except the DIATEX ISOLA 33.

Tension-adjustable reinforced double roofing, with foot-operated raiser (hot-galvanised metal) :
> Waterproof sleeves for the routing of tubing with various applications :
drip irrigation, mist propagation, heating, pulsed ventilation, cooling system, etc.



  1. Carefully anchor the base in the ground.
  2. Embed the cross-frames and the supports.
  3. Assemble the other tubes and tighten the wire.
  4. Erect the fabric enclosure and stretch tight.
  5. Wet the floor of the enclosure in order to compact the soil.

Contact us for your isolation cages : we will help you choose the appropriate solution for your requirements...

Selection of sizes (built to measure or according to manufacturing standards).
Selection of mesh size depending on the type of pollination.
Selection of metal structures and openings (zippers, velcro, exclusive DIATEX system).
Assembly and use.

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