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Shade netting is used to lessen the effects of light during the summer.
Our screens have shading capabilities ranging between 8% and 95%, making it possible to adapt the system to crop requirements.
They can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under framework.

Protection against weather risks

Filet F 1032 Z cristal

Tissu d'ombrage F 1032 vert ombrière à toit plat

F1072 sur muguet

Net F 1032 Z transparent

Shade fabric F 1032 green
flat-roofed shade houses

  • Restricted UV action.
  • Reduced crop desiccation.
  • Improved ventilation.
  • Reduction in temperature range variations.


Additional applications

Protection against the effects of frost by crystallisation of water droplets between the mesh holes of the net.

High resistance to tearing, which also makes these nets ideal as protection against hail.

Autres applications

Other applications

Technical features of the shade net range

Shade coeff. Reference Colour Width Lenght Weight
8% F.1028 * Transparent 2-2,5-3 m 100 m 50 g/m²
18% F.1028 * Light green 2,5-3 m 100 m 50 g/m²
30% F.1026 Q Green 2-3-4-6 m 100 m 65 g/m²
15% F.1032 Transparent 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 100 g/m²
45% F.1032 Green 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 100 g/m²
45% F.1132 ** Green 1-1,5-2-3-4 m 100 m 100 g/m²
65% F.1134** Dark green 1-1,5-2-3-4 m 100 m 130 g/m²
70% FOM 70 ** Dark green 2-3-4 m 100 m 180 g/m²
85% FOM 80 Q ** Very dark green 4 m 100 m 210 g/m²

Please note that for large quantities, the rolls can be manufactured in specific lengths.

* : have polyester buttonhole eyelets on the two selvedges.
** : with buttonhole eyelets every 1 m along the lines.

The following references are more lightweight and are therefore referred to as "economy".

shade coeff. Reference Colour Width Lenght Width
45% F.1072 * V. dark green 2-4 m 100 m 48 g/m²
65% F.1074 * V. dark green 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 60 g/m²
75% F.1076 * V. dark green 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 79 g/m²
60% F.1079 White 2 m 100 m 130 g/m²
95% F.1090DT Green 1-1,2-1,5-1,8-2-3 m 50 m 230 g/m²


The very dark green is near to black


Assembly of customised tarpaulins : contact us !

Green and black shade nets  :
These behave like filters and deprive the plants of much of the sunlight required for photosynthesis, resulting in retarded growth.
A green and black shade net reduces the quantity of light as well as the quality of the spectrum.

White shade nets  :
These reduce only the quantity of light, and do not affect the quality of the light spectrum.
As a result, plant growth is more rapid than with green and black shade nets.

Practical benefits of the products in this range

  • Manageability and convenience.
  • Flexibility of the material, ensuring minimum bulkiness during storage.
  • Texture of net and shade fabrics : High-density, low-pressure polyethylene monofilament, UV stabilised, non-decomposing.
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