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Wind break range

Purpose of windbreaks nets :
to modify climate conditions in order to encourage crop yields.

Brise vent FOM 70 - Hauteur 6 ml Tube enrouleur pour brise vent

Protection des tunnels


Windbreak FOM 70 - Height 6 ml

Reels for windbreaks

Protection for tunnels

We offer all of the accessories for the installation of windbreak nets –Nets – Reinforcement synthetic cord – Net reels …….

We work with assembly companies that can carry out the installations.

Technical features of the windbreaks net

Windbreak coeff. Reference Colour Width Lenght Weight
20% F.1028* Light green 2,5 - 3 m 100 m 50 g/m²
20% F.1028* Transparent 2-2,5-3 m 100 m 50 g/m²
35% F.1026 Q Green 2-3-4-6 m 100 m 65 g/m²
50% F.1032 Green 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 100 g/m²
50% F. 1032 Transparent 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 m 100 g/m²
50% F.1132** Green 1-1,5-2-3-4 m 100 m 100 g/m²
65% F.1134** Green 1,5-2-3-4 m 100 m 130 g/m²
75% FOM 70** Dark green 2-3-4 m 100 m 180 g/m²
80% FOM 80 Q** Very dark green 4 m 100 m 210 g/m²

** Nets with a line of eyelets at every metre

Texture of wind-break nets and fabrics

High-density, low-pressure polyethylene monofilament, UV stabilised, non-decomposing.
Cylindrical filaments, perfectly aerodynamic design, providing high resistance and guaranteeing the durability of the windbreak.


Protection des tunnels

Brise-vent sur chapelle

Tube enrouleur pour brise vent

Windbreaks in plant nurseries

Windbreak on greenhouse unit

Winding reel for windbreak

Protection from the mechanical effects of wind

A 50% windbreak
height of 3 m provides protection for a distance 30 m.

A 75% windbreak
height of 3 m provides protection for a distance of 45 m.

Limits damage to plants  :
shedding of grain, disturbance of pollination in orchards, falling fruit and laceration of leaves, restriction of height development.

Reduces wind erosion, which is very intense on sandy soil.

Improves consistency of sprinkler irrigation
(over 3 to 4 m/s, the water jet is deviated and watering becomes impossible in winds above 6 m/s).

  • Decrease in air speed and air disturbance.
  • Deceleration of water loss by the plant.
  • Retention of atmospheric humidity.
  • Reduction in temperature variations.

Daytime temperature
can be raised by 1 to 4¬° C.

Night-time temperature
is lower when skies are clear and higher under cloudy or foggy conditions.

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