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Gathering nets

Our nets are designed for harvesting all types of fruit : Olives, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts…

We offer full rolls in lengths of 100 ml or assembled semi-slit netting (from the standard range or made to order). Depending on the terrain and the fruit varieties, we will provide you with guidance on the product best suited for your requirements. We offer high-quality, UV-treated nets with high tear-resistance. We discourage the use of products weighing less than 50 g/m², as these would be too fragile.

All our nets are UV-treated.
BROAD WIDTHS 9-12 m or other widths on request


Nets on rolls :

References Weight Mesh Weave Width Roll length
F.1024 50 g/m² 8 x 5 mm Double 1,5-2-3-4-6 m 100 ml
F.1026 Q 65 g/m² 5 x 3 mm Double 3-4-6 m 100 ml
F.1031 95 g/m² 2 x 3 mm Double 4-6 m 100 ml
PE 45/17.28 145 g/m² 1,1 x 0,55 mm Woven On request On request

Assembled tarpaulins with semi-slit openings manufactured in all grades.

Semi-slit netting

Standard sizes
CF 1024/6X6V - 6 x 6 ml
CF1024/8X6V - 6 x 8 m
CAF1024/6X8 G - 6 x 8 ml
CF 1024/8X8V - 8 x 8 ml
CF1024/12X12V - 12 x 12 ml
Net F 1024-50 g/m² - double-weave

(other sizes available on request)

Reference AAQPDS 5
Référence AAQPDS 5

Disassembly-proof POM clip
specially designed for assembling the collapsible screens
can be threaded with a 9 mm rope

ATTACHMENT 6 high-resistance points

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