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Diatex offers a wide range of products and services to meet your needs with respect to the protection of buildings, especially for work such as facade refurbishment, painting, sandblasting…

Main applications :

  • Debris/dust shield.
  • Preventing tools from falling.
  • Privacy screens for concealing operations.
  • Windbreaks for personal comfort.

F 1129 green
for protecting facades

Our products are also used in other areas of application such as : protection of amphibians, marking of access areas (Car rallys, go-kart tracks, ski courses…).

We can also offer you protective nets for water tanks as well as tarpaulins for trailers (for transporting leaves, branches, plants, etc…).

In addition, we can also make a digital impression on certain nets and fabrics to reinforce your image.

Feel free to contact us for any information.


Assembly with 18 mm diameter eyelet openin

Our assembly workshop can create all types of tarpaulins (up to 800 m²), covers, tapes, enclosures, sleeves…
Ordinary stitching, double stitching, eyelet insertion, velcro, zippers, straps, buckles…

70% shade netting over bream pools

The standard colours are usually green and black, and have excellent UV resistance.
The light whitish colours (beige, translucent) have minimal effect on the light spectrum
(NB : UV content is reduced).

Any fabric or netting can be cut to desired lengths from a standard length roll.
For example, a roll of 100 m will yield 4 pieces of 25 m or 2 pieces of 50 m.

Service life
For fabric, about 10/12 years – for netting, about 8/10 years. These textiles do not come with a warranty.
The indicative service life is based on our longstanding experience.

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