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Diatex technical fabrics manufacturer since 1986 has made its place in a specific market by offering fabrics for the interlining and the masking of aircraft structure in wood, metal or composite.

Its range has expanded also providing paints, coatings and firewalls to business customers and individuals light aircraft enthusiasts.

Covering with DIATEX in few words

Wood or metal structures to be covering with DIATEX materials.

Cleaning of surface to remove the greasy impurities and residues.
In the case of a plane having a metal structure, apply first anti-corrosive primary 90 green E.4120.
(replaces the old zinc Chromate).
For a wood plane, use the polyurethane sealer PU E.5467


Joining of the fabric on the structure.

Use the coating sticks SOLO E.4040 (for wood and metal) or our special adhesive double faces Diastick (metal).

Setting in tension and retraction of the fabric.

This operation is carried out with an iron gauged for covering using the special thermometer.


The clear tautening dope SOLO E.4040 stabilizes the tension and seals off the fabric.

Application of a primer.

DIATEX surface primers improve the surface quality.
They are used as interface between the tautening dope and painting, in order to avoid any chemical interference.
They provide a protection against the U.V. and are treated anti-cracks.

Application of the finish-up paint.

White paintings DIATEX and standardized colours of automobile references colours.
These paintings protect from the U.V. and are treated anti-cracks.

Completion in case of a metal plane without covering.

Sand the metal part, apply the anti-corrosive E.4120 and then apply the primer and the finish-up paint.


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