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The Tension and Colle sealing compounds

The only sealing compounds certified in France no. C391C by France’s Aerospace Agency’s Technical Departments (S.T.A.E. - Services Techniques pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace)

A NITROCELLULOSE base, assuring a more flexble and better tension than with BUTYRATES.

They are used and proven since 1965... on airplanes mounted with Polyester (Dacron), Linen and Cotton skin cloths.

We do not distribute the “red” sealing compound because it contains sulfur, detrimental to aging, and resulting in the chipping off of paint, and the effect of orange skin discoloring.

Conventional International Celomer products


Colorless nitrocellulose TENSION sealing compound, ref. E.4034

Is used to stabilize the tension, rigidify and waterproof the cloth.
To be applied with a flat brush or roller (spray gun application prohibited) by criss crossing the coats.
3-4 coats for DIATEX 2000, 2-3 coats for DIATEX 1500 and 2 coats for DIATEX 1000. Allow for a hour to dry between 2 coats.
Is used undiluted or diluted to 10 % max. with the diluent E4930.
Covering capacity : approx. 4 m² per liter and per coat. Final drying time : 2 to 3 hours.

Aluminum nitrocellulose TENSION sealing compound, ref. E.4731

Is required to protect the cloth against U. V. radiation if paints other than ours used.
To be applied with a roller or a spray gun in 1or 2 coats in 10 min. intervals, diluted 20-25 % with the diluent E4930. Not necessary if DIATEX primary and finish paints used.
Very good insulator ; very effective against humidity.
Covering capacity : 5 to 6 m² per liter and per coat. Final drying time : 1 hour.

Nitrocellulose COLLE sealing compound, ref E.4038

To glue your cloth to a wood or metal structure or for "cloth on cloth" gluing.
To be used undiluted or diluted to 20 % maximum with the diluent E4930. Allow for an hour to dry between each coat.
To be applied with a brush. Drying time : 1 hour.

DILUENT, réf E.4930

Special, to dilute the above-mentioned nitrocellulose products.


Available in 5-liter cans and 1-liter pots, except the sealing compound E.4731, packaged in a 4-kg pot.

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