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Protection of metals

Primary paints, for metal protection

DIATEX also supplies individuals and flying clubs with an anti-corrosion agent for protecting the metal structures of aircraft and microlights.

Green Primer ref. E4120ref.E4120

100% two-part epoxy anti-corrosion primer, pigmented with strontium chromate. Replaces the previous zinc chromate. Approved by Airbus, British Aerospace and AECMA.


Interior and exterior protection for aircraft producing chemical resistance and a high level of corrosion resistance on substrates prepared with Surface Cleaner.


Spray gun - for metal aircraft. The viscosity of the mixture is close to that of UHT skimmed milk. Roller with special foam rolls - for tubular cells. Brush.


High resistance to impacts, synthetic lubricants, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids such as HYJET type IV, salt spray, damp atmospheres, kerosene and filiform corrosion.

Covering capacity :
10 to 12 sq. m per litre and per coat with a thickness of 20 to 25 μ and 40% loss.

Dry film thickness : 20 à 25 µ

Covering time : minimum 2 h - maximum 72 h

Oven drying :
Pre-drying: 30 minutes at ambient temperature.
Stoving: 20 minutes at 60°C before the following coat or 1 h at 80°C or 15 min to 120°C if the primary is not covered.***

Mixing ratio  :
E4120 base: 1 volume.
E0611 hardener: 1 volume.
E0515 solvent: if necessary.

Surface Cleaner in 1 or 5 liters

Very powerful degreasing agent for aircraft metals to obtain a 100% clean surface.
To be used before primer, undercoat, paint or mould release agents for composites.

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