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Protection of metals

Primary paints, for metal protection

90 Green Primary Paint, ref.E4120

100 % two-component epoxy anticorrosion primary paint pigmented with strontium chromate. Replaces the old zinc chromate certified by AIRBUS – BRITISH AEROSPACE - AECMA.


Internal and external protection of aircraft, allowing to obtain a chemical resistance and a high corrosion resistant behavior on supports prepared with SURFACE CLEANER.


Highly resistant to impact, synthetic lubricants, ester phosphate hydraulic liquids of the type HYJET IV, salty sprays, humid atmosphere, kerosene, thread-like corrosion.

Covering capacity :
10 to 12 m² per liter and per coat with a thickness of 20 to 25 µ and a loss of 40 %.

Dry film thickness : 20 à 25 µ

Covering time : minimum 2 h - maximum 72 h

Oven drying :
Predrying : 30 min at room temperature.
In oven : 20 min at 60° C before application of next coat or 1 h at 80° C or 15 min at 120° Cif the primary coat is not recovered with another paint coat.

Mixing ratio  :
Base E4120 : 1 volume
Hardener E0611 : 1 volume
Diluent E0515 : where applicable.


Surface Cleaner in 1 or 5 liters

Very powerful degreasing agent for aircraft metals, allowing to obtain a 100 % perfectly clean surface. To be used before application of primary paints, finish paints, stripping agents, for composites.

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