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The finish

The Finish : DIATEX primary and finish paints

2 Opaque paint ranges : DIACOUVRE et DIAQUARTZ

  • Protection against U.V. radiation
  • Multi-functional and easy to use
  • Elasticity-prone, to avoid cracking
  • Aerodynamically enhancing, to facilitate "slipping" through the air, as well as a weight saver
  • Color fidelity (according to the RAL standard)
  • Superb finish, opaque paints


A few bitter remarks :

  • Most paints crack as the canvas cover ages.
  • Ordered colors are not always "fidel" following repairs to the original paint color.
  • Painting results don’t respect your quality criteria.
  • The finish coating weight is often too heavy and lowers your aircraft’s performance.

After accelerated aging tests and studies, DIATEX perfected a high-performance finish system (primary and finish paints) to respond to the needs of lightweight aircraft.


DIATEX’s solutions

  • Primary paints which adhere perfectly to nitrocellulose supports (the Tension sealing compounds) and stratified products : DIAFILLER et DIAPLAN.
  • In the event of paint applied to metal, a support which assures an optimal adherence for an anti-corrosion primary paint.
  • Finish paints which adhere perfectly to primary coats.
  • The excellent compatibility of the products, which eliminates "unsticking" problems (orange skin effect).
  • The outstanding elasticity of the primary and finish paints, which allows avoiding crackings during inflight deformations and due to aging.
  • The aerodynamic enhancing factor of the paints, which increases the aircraft’s streamlining, favoring air flow.
  • The fidelity of colors, which are compliant to the RAL standard.
  • The multi-functionality of the primary paints, which can be used equally on textiles, stratified products, tension sealing compounds.
  • The easy application of our top-of-the-range finish paints, usable by even the non-professional.
  • The extensive covering capacity of the products, which allow eliminating excess weight.
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