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The Finish : DIATEX primary and finish paints

DIATEX offers you a comprehensive package by providing paints that guarantee protection against UVs and ensure a perfect finish of your aircraft.
After studies and accelerated ageing tests, DIATEX has developed a powerful finishing system of primer + paint, to respond to the needs of light aeronautics

The negative points of most paints on the market :

  • The majority of paints cracks as the covering ages.
  • The colours expected are not always precise during repairs or on first painting.
  • The result obtained with the paint does not satisfy your quality criteria..
  • The weight of the finishing is often too high and affects the performance of the aircraft.

The DIATEX solutions:

  • Primers which adhere perfectly to nitrocellulose substrates (dope) and laminates : DIAFILLER and DIAPLAN.
  • When painting on metal ; a substrate which ensures optimal grip to the anti-corrosion primer.
  • Paints that adhere perfectly on the primers.
  • The excellent compatibility of products, which eliminates the problems of separation (orange peel).
  • The high elasticity of primers and paints to avoid cracking during deformation in flight and ageing.
  • The finesse of the paints which improves the characteristics of the aircraft by facilitating airflow.
  • The precision of the colours that are produced according to the RAL standard.
  • The versatility of the primers which can be used on textiles, laminates or dope.
  • The ease of application of our top-of-the-range finishes, accessible to non-professionals.
  • The high covering power of our products which allows you to avoid surplus weight.


Two-part primers for direct application on:

  • Fabric coated with nitrocellulose coatings (light sanding with Scotch Brit).
  • Laminate (sanding with 400 grain wet or 320 grain dry).
  • Other materials (wood, aluminium, etc).
  • The paint is then applied directly on these primers.
  • They are 100 % compatible with nitrocellulose coatings and feature very good flexibility and optimal resistance to water.
  • They are transparent to ultra-sound and radar waves, and protect your fabric against U.V. light.

Diaplan E5425 two-part white PU

  • Use : Improvement in appearance and filling. Its finess allows significant weight savings. A white mat primer remarkable for its very high flexibility and optimal resistance to water. If necessary, sanding with 400 grain wet or 320 grain dry.
  • Covering power : 6 to 7 sq. m/l of mixture. Application : spray gun.
  • Can also be brush applied for wood protection.
  • Universal ; it can be used directly on wood (or mastic), on Diaprep, on fabric (glued or not), on glass, carbon or aramid laminates with polyester or epoxy resins and coated with colourless dope or aluminium.

Sealant primer PU66 E5467

  • Two-part polyurethane sealant primer, low density and sandable, characterized by its flexibility and hardness.
  • Use : Improvement in appearance and surface condition, and filling of laminates (epoxy glass, polyester glass, epoxy carbon and epoxy aramid).
  • Can be used on wood before marouflage or covering.
  • Application : Applied with a brush or putty knife.

Aeronautical paints


These are very high quality aircraft paints, to be sprayed directly on Diafiller or Diaplan.

They are made from several bases in order to obtain any type of RAL standard colour for DIAGRAPHITE. DIACOUVRE only exists in white gloss.
Their high covering power allows you to gain weight on the fabric covering.
They provide a very flexible finish (no cracking), resistant to filiform corrosion, UVs. And water.
Their reduction in air resistance increases the fineness of your aircraft.

  • Protection against the U.V. light.
  • Versatility and flexibility of use.
  • Elasticity, to avoid hairline cracking.
  • Finesse, to facilitate slipping through the air and save weight.
  • Colour precision (according to the RAL standard).
  • Stunning finish, opaque paint.

White gloss paint

  • Very flexible two-part polyurethane finishing paint (80% elasticity),
  • Intended for finishing and interior and exterior protection of aircraft (from microlights to Boeing 747s).
  • Very high covering power : 9 to 10 m²/l of mixture. Significant savings in weight and in the quantities of material applied.
  • The chemical formulation of this paint includes a softener which gives it a remarkable resistance over time.
  • Available from stock in white gloss and to order in white satin finish.

Colour paint

  • 3-part opaque polyurethane gloss finishing paint.
  • It is glossy with better wear resistance and better covering power. Its grain is much finer.
  • Covering power: 7 sq. m/l of mixture

Order your colour from the range of RAL standard colours
We then proceed with the customization of your colours.

Gloss varnish E5540 PU

  • Very high gloss varnish, very fine and highly elastic.
  • Covering power : 9 to 11 m²/l of mixture
  • Two layers of finish varnish are required on our paint.
  • 3 to 5 layers are needed to ensure very effective UV protection on the sail cloth used on some microlights.
  • The varnish brings you a superb gloss worthy of the most glowing references…

Our recommendations

  • Shake the products before dosing.
  • Mix the products before each use.
  • Follow the general safety instructions and dosages scrupulously.
  • All products must be resealed after use, including the hardeners which are very sensitive to moisture.
  • To avoid air to entry, store a can that has been opened upside down (cap to the bottom).
  • The settings shown are given for 21/23°C and 50/60% hygrometry.

Products : distribution of dosing (hardeners / solvents / softeners)

Products Packaging Reference Vol. (%) Reference Vol. (%) Reference Vol. (%)
Sealant primer
0.8 L E0735 25 - - - -
4 L E0707 50 E0491 50 to 100 - -
Diagraphite 1 to 4 L DURCH350 25 GV200 25 DIAFLEX 25
Diacouvre E5440 5 L E0730 100 E0491 if necessary - -
5 L E0730 100 E0491 if necessary - -
Anti-slip finish
5 L - - E0480 50 - -

Dosing and packaging: (The proportions given in this table should be respected to + or - 10%)


Mixture Number of coats Time between coats Thickness per coat Drying time at 60°C Drying time at 20°C
Sealant primer
1 to 3 Min. 1h / Max. 72h 30 to 500µ NC 3h
Diaplan E5425 1 ± 2 mm 60 min 40µ 1h30 2h/6h/72h (b)
1 to 2 60 min 40µ 1h30 3h/8h/96h (b)
Varnish E5540 1 to 5 120 min 30µ 1h30 2h/11h/8d
Anti-slip finish
2 to 3 Min. 1h / Max. 24h 50 to 100µ NC 10/30 min/7d (b)

(a) Some colours require 3 coats.
(b) 2h/6h/72h : 2h = dust free under ventilation/6h = handling possible/72 h = Hardened through
(The waiting time between 2 layers is calculated at 20°C).
(c) depending on the surface condition

Technical characteristics of primers, paints and varnishes

Products Colour Conservation Pot life Viscosity
Sealant primer
White 24 months* 2h ** -
Mat white 24 months* 3h** 15"***
Diagraphite Choice of 36 months* 3h** 24"***
White gloss 24 months* 8h** 15"***
Transparent 24 months* 4h** 15"***
Anti-slip finish
Midnight blue 24 months* - -
Solvents Transparent 5 years* - -

*: In the original packaging, closed.
**: At 20°C and 65% of hydrometry.
***: ISO cup No. 4 at 20°C.

Equipment for the application of primers and paints

Type of spray gun Suction   Gravity  
Nozzle diameter (mm) 1.8 1.6 1.6 1.4
Product flow (number of turns) 2 to 2.5 (a) Full opening 2 to 2.5 (a) Full opening
Width of jet (number of turns) 1 to 2 1 to 2 1 to 2 1 to 2
Spray gun pressure (bar) 3.5 to 4 (b) 3.5 to 4 (b) 3 to 3.5 (c) 3 to 3.5 (c)

(a) 1.5 to 2 for Diaplan E5425
(b) 3 to 3.5 for Diafiller, Diacouvre E5440 and E5540
(c) 2.5 to 3 for Diafiller Diacouvre, E5440 and E5540

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