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réf. E6330

Anti-slippage nitrovinyl mono-composant finish product, in compliance with the
AIR 8104 regulation (protection range
resistant to ester oils).

Color : matte blue black.
Certified by DASSAULT


Application to any part requiring anti-slippage quality : stair step, foot wedge, pedal, baggage case, etc,.wide or narrow strips, round inserts, foot forms and other decorative items can thus be made.


After mixing them, use a paint brush, brush or roller to apply them. Applied like a paint in several coats.

Surface preparation

Before pretreatment, all the surfaces must be cleaned with SURFACE CLEANER. They should be lightly sanded or covered with a PA85 pull-out cloth beforehand if stratified products.

  • Covering capacity : 5 à 7 m² / liter
  • Dry film thickness : 50 à 100µ
  • Covering time : minimum 1 h / max. 24 h
  • Drying at a relative humidity of 23 – 55 % :

dry to the touch : 10 mn

manipulable : 30 mn

maskable : 2h30

Total polymerization : 7 days

  • Mixing ratios :

Base : E6330 (1 volume)

Diluent : E0480 (0,5 à 1 volume)

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