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Air socks / wind socks

Our range of air / wind socks manufactured in our production workshop in a High-Strength PES cloth from our COMPOSITES Division.

Delivered with eyelets and lash lines.

U. V. resistant Polyester Fabrics.

High resistance to tearing, inert to humidity and mildew.

Can be mounted on a fixed or retractable pole with or without interior lighting.

These wind socks are made in a red and white colored cloth..

Manche à air

Standard Large Model :
L = 4 500 mm Ø 1000/250 mm

Standard - Small Model :
L = 2 250 mm Ø 500/125 mm

Heliport :
L = 2 400 mm Ø 600/300 mm

Ground Helistation :
L = 1 200 mm Ø 300/150 mm


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