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Historically anchored in the DIATEX story : the ADVANCED TEXTILES DIVISION has evolved thanks in particular to its weaving factory, originally specialized in the manufacture of polyamide parachutes fabrics.

Due to this know-how, and the study of personalized projects, the ADVANCED TEXTILES DIVISION has been developing a specific textile range, adapted to the following markets:

  • Filtration / Aeraulic :
    Textiles air duct systems for flexible ventilation pipes used for air conditioning of public buildings or industrial warehouses (antibacterial, fire-retardant, antistatic, esthetic textiles).
    Monofilament and multifilament fabrics for liquid / solid filtration.
  • Industry :
    Base fabrics for Coating & Laminating used in industry, home textiles and the automotive sector, luxury bags, insulating fabrics for military or medical emergency tents, airtight pieces for Aerospace industry (among others).
  • Personal Protective Equipment :
    Fabrics and meshes made of meta-aramide for car racing, inner nets for helmets, coated fabrics for protective canvas, linings and flame retardant fabrics of technical and administrative clothes (bullet-proof vests) PU coated fabrics for technical luggage (security forces, military in particular), fabrics for parachutes.
  • Events :
    Flame retardant fabrics for stage and architectural decoration, textiles for digital printing up to 3 meters wide, multi-layer systems for air tight and helium tight inflatable structures (domes, air ships, volume advertising…)
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