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Aeraulics / Air processing

We develop and market materials for the air distribution and air processing (Controlled ventilation / air-conditioning /cooling / heating), suitable for the following installations :

  • food-production industry
  • clean rooms
  • public spaces
  • service sector
  • industrial premises

Our range of fabrics meets European fire-classification regulations.
We offer a range of polyester and coated polyester fabrics that are watertight (non-porous) or porous (with verified porosities), adaptable to your various air distribution processes.
(Read our catalog for further informations)

Range of colours available in stock.
Colours on demand by transfer printing with a range of 120 colours for 100m and above or by dyeing for 500m and above. Internal porosity verification in our laboratory using a TEX TEST FX3300 porosimeter.
Development of a more specialized range for permanently antistatic, antibacterial and fireproof fabrics.


Liquid / Solid Filtration

Besides our textiles for air diffusion , we have a wide range of monofilaments for the filtration of liquids or solids in various fields such as chemistry , food and automotive.

Applications :

Powders treatment Water treatment : purification
/ swimming-pools cleaning
Automotive : engine liquids filters
Sound : acoustic filters
Electrolysis / separators
Fish farming Chemistry : muffs for vibrating sieves / painting industry



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