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We develop and market a range of materials, fabrics, mesh and netting from 1.50 m to 10 m - 40g/m² to 400g/m².
Most meet M1and M2 fire classification regulations.

Stage & architectural decoration

Our flame retardant textiles are intended for event organizers, architects and decorators :
stage design, theater, concerts,
exhibitions, fairs, museums, stores,
cinema and television sets.

  • Translucent fabrics to allow light through
  • Taut fabrics - velum
  • Fire-prevention fabrics
  • Fireproofed netting to 10 m in width and made to measure
  • M1 flag meshes to 5 m in width
  • Open-work meshes
  • M1 blanking fabrics to 3 m in width
  • Metallized fabrics : gold / silver / aluminium / iridescent.

Textiles for digital printing

The partnership with our dyers and coaters has enabled us to develop a range of textiles with widths of up to 3m that can be printed digitally.
These fabrics are subjected to printing by sublimation and direct printing with dispersed inks, solvent and UV, and they meet fire regulations.
These items are intended for internal and external applications :

  • Event communication
  • Interior design
  • Signage : stands, shops, museums, exhibitions
  • Flags, kakemonos, streamers, tifos, printed sails, parasols, aerial banners, wind-flags


Airtight fabrics for inflatables

Our experience in the filtration and aeraulics sector has enabled us to launch a range of fabrics used in airtight structures both indoors and out.

  • PU fireproof coating, UV resistant
  • Laminations of technical films, waterproof, UV resistant, air tight and helium tight, reflectors, scattering
  • Metallization

Achievements : Inflatable structures, volume advertising, stack lights - totem poles, lighting balloons, marquees, giant inflatables, kites, wind-flags.

The fireproof fabrics are available in stock in a range of 10 colours.
Colouring on request by transfer printing from a range of 120 colours, 100m and above for coloured articles and 500m and above for dyed articles.

These items can be printed digitally by transfer or direct printing according to the finish.



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