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Project study and development

Specific textiles developments

specific textiles developments

We are placing all our experience as designer of technical fabrics at your disposal, from item design and finish to production, in order to assist you with implementing your projects.

Development & Special treatments
availables on demand :
Colouring & Dyeing
by 500 m
  • Weaving until 5.40 ml
    (water / air jet looms, rapier looms)
  • Knitting until 5 ml
  • Thermo-fixation / dyeing /
    printing / fireproofing
  • Coating (PU, PVC, acrylic) - laminating, pasting, blanking, preparation for digital printing.
  • Quilting
  • Single-side or double-side transfer printing for 100 m minimum
    sections in a range of 120 colours
  • Digital printing from your file
  • Metallization



We are able to undertake any kind of special production such as filtration bags or gaiters.

Specific cuttings

We also realize specific cuttings.
Do not hesitate to consult us.

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