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Base fabrics for coating & laminating

We weave a complete range of base fabrics for Coating & Laminating used in Industry, Home textiles and the Automotive sector, Luxury bags and luggages, Aerospace industry, Solar protection, Personal protective equipment.

Applications :

Personal protection Technical linings Coating supports
Industrial protection Fabric reinforcers / inserts Fabrics for luxury luggage & technical baggages
Composite / Polyamide & HT polyester Delamination & picking fabrics and inserts for tyres / rubber industry Flame retardant fabrics until 300 cm


Aerospace industry

Achievements :

Aramid fabrics for seal or expansion joint Military parachutes and air brakes fabrics
Flame retardant fabrics for airplanes interiors Protective bags with hydrolysis and abrasion resistance for parachute


High tenacity coated fabrics

High tenacity fabrics coated and laminated for smart textiles.

Achievements :

Prrotective bags with hydrolysis and abrasion resistance for parachute Robot protective covers / Technical protective covers
Flexible insulating multilayers fabrics by sewing and US welding for thermal insulation Military / Emergency tents
Security lighting balloons Single or double-sided fireproofed PU or PVC coated high tenacity fabrics




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