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What does the name DIATEX mean ?

In the name DIATEX you will find the Greek root DIA meaning separation or via and the diminutive TEX for textile. DIATEX is, therefore, a manufacturer of cloths intended for technical usage in multiple filtration applications.

Does the company DIATEX make its own cloths ?

Yes. DIATEX makes its cloths through its weaving subsidiary based in the Drôme. All production is intended for technical usage. All cloth treatments are carried out in our textile "enhancement" subsidiary located in the Rhone region. DIATEX also produces according to customers specification.

Do you make reinforcement tissues or resin cloths ?

We do not make glass, carbon or aramid cloths. DIATEX proposes only nitrocellulose resins in the Aeronautical Division.

Do you make non-standard technical textiles ?

Yes. DIATEX is capable of producing special products based on PA, PET, PP and PE according to a customer specification. Non-standard productions are generally associated with minimum production runs. Please consult us for details.

Can you change the length, width or format of rolls ?

Yes. We have high-performance cutting equipment (preventing raveling or fraying) which allow delivering our rolls in spools of different widths. We also propose a spooling service and cut-to-format service.

Do you have a substantial onhand stock ?

Yes. DIATEX and its subsidiaries have covered storage area of 20 000 m² for its stock. 

How can your departement be contacted ?

By phone or fax or e-mail. Please indicate the division concerned by your question, that is, Aeronautical, Agriculture, Building, Composite, Filtration, Medical, Sport & Leisure.

Where can I meet you ?

At DIATEX, but only on appointment. In shows and congresses ; refer to the title Agenda. At you ; our sales personnel are more than willing to meet you by appointment in your premises. Through our dealers, resellers and agents.

Is DIATEX ISO-certified ?

Since 1989, DIATEX has been manufacturing aeronautical cloths according to the most stringent specification controlled by independent organizations : the life of our customers depends on it. December 2006 : ISO9001 v 2000 BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION.
June 2007 : EN9100 by QUALIFAS aeronautic certification (Qualité des Approvisionnements pour les Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales).

Do you have a minimum order limit ?

Yes. Our minimum billing limit is 150 euros.

Are you responsive to order shipping times ?

Yes. An order placed before 11 am will be shipped the following day. (If the item is in stock and no transformation operation is necessary (cutting / stitching, etc...). The delivery schedule after departure is generally between 48 and 72 hours for continental France (not express delivery).

Do you have a delivery service ?

Yes. Our deliveries are carried out with shippers and an express service. Transport is advanced and billed. Goods are insured.

What are DIATEX’s working hours ?

Warehouse : 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm
Offices : 8 am to 12:30 am and 1:30 pm to 6 pm
Visits and on-site pickups on appointment.


How can I track my order ?

Contact our shipping and scheduling department by phoning +33 4 78 86 85 07.

Do you export ?

Yes. We work with a dealer network located in all the main European countries. This network generally has a storage unit. Our export revenues represent 40 % of our earnings.

Can you take care of specific customs documents ?

Yes. We can provide on customer request the following customs documents : ATR (for Turkey), EUR 1, Certificates of Origin, as well as hazardous products declarations. This service will be billed accordingly.

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