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Aerospace Release Agent

Waterworks Aerospace Release

This aeronautical range includes semi-permanent liquid release agents, developed on an aqueous basis.
This range offers a new generation of high performance products for treatment and maintenance of moulds in autoclave and oven polymerisation applications.
These products are solvent-and alcohol-free, 100% water-based and the quality of our controls guarantees effective and eco-friendly release agents.

DIATEX, ZYVAX® exclusive distributor for aeronautics in Europe.


ZYVAX® range brings you many advantages :

  • Versatile products suitable for most resins
  • No silicone particles
  • No transfer
  • Easy to use
  • Very good thermal stability
  • No mould clogging
  • Respect for the environment
DEPARTURE is also available in wipes to guarantee a better application.
100 wipes dispenser (one wipe covers 1m²)


FRESH START - 485 ml | 4L Cleaner Fresh Start is effective in removing most contaminants and semi-permanent release coatings on both new and existing tools
PREFLIGHT 260°C 474 ml | 4L Tool surface conditioner Protects and prepares the mould surface
SEALER 1028W 260°C 3.78L Tool surface conditioner Tool surface conditioner | protection
DEPARTURE 260°C 485 ml | 4L | Wipes Release agent Epoxy | polyamides et polybismaleimides | prepregs...
TAKEOFF 350°C Wipes | 5L Release agent Pré-imprégnés | RTM | PEEK


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