About Advanced textiles division


Specialized originally in the manufacturing of parachute fabric in polyamide, the AT division (Advanced Textiles) was able to use the century-old technical heritage of its weaving factory, leader and specialist of synthetic fibers weaving in the region of Royans, and, thanks to its know-how, deploy a range specifically adapted to the high technology sector. Today, the AT division supplies fabrics for the markets of:

  • Filtration: Aeraulics, liquid / solid filtration;
  • Aeronautics: aerostats, heavy aeronautics;
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) / Defense: insulators, protection clothing;
  • Event Business: inflatable structures, decoration, printing supports.

Strong from its performant industrial tooling and Aeronautics certified EN9100, the AT division is able to respond to very complex demands of its clientele with whom she establishes strong specifications.

Its weaving factory, constituted of 2 workshops WATER and AIR, allows to bring an adapted solution to any development thanks to the presence of very wide air-jet looms up to 5m40, reaching a capacity of 1000 hits/minute (which DIATEX was one of the pioneers to acquire) and new generation waterjet looms.
DIATEX is by the way one of the 6 partners of the research project “SEALCOAT” (Strong External Airship Light Cover For Atmospheric Protection), innovative and ambitious project for an aerostat with rigid structure for heavy loads, of which the AT division is in charge of developing the envelope. SEALCOAT is part of the program in the investments for the future (PIA) and is carried by TECHTERA, 1st competiveness hub of technical textiles in France. The will of DIATEX is, finally, to manufacture a range of ecological / environment-friendly products, within the REACH norms and the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 labelling.