Development of textiles according to specifications

To its customers’ request, DIATEX writes, with its partners, specifications to define and optimize the technical characteristics of its products.
The technological hub which DIATEX maintains and cares for, is without a doubt the source of new developments and DIATEX patents.
also has at its disposal a conception workshop allowing to respond to a very strong demand from its clientele by offering tailored solutions.

We put all our experience of technical fabric creators to your service, from the design of the support, its finish until manufacturing, in order to help realize your projects.

Development and specific treatment
possible on-demand:
Study of colors
and dyeing per 500m
The machine park on our weaving site allows us to develop textiles up to 5m40 width (air/water/spear looms) Transfer printing, single face or double face per 100m/min. in a range of 120 colors
Knitting up to 5m Digital printing from your file
Thermosetting / dyeing / printing / fire retardant Metal deposition
Water proofing / anti droplet /anti stain  
Coating (PU, PVC, acrylic) / Counter bonding / Cushioning