Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach


The Companies Social Responsibility (CSR), is defined as the responsibility of the company towards the impact of its decisions and activities on society and environment, meaning an ethical and transparent behavior which:

  • contributes to the sustainable development, as well as health and well-being of society
  • takes into account expectations of concerned parties (suppliers, clients, shareholders, employees, local community, etc.)
  • complies with the laws and regulations in force while being consistent with international standards of behavior
  • is integrated in the organization and established in its relationships.

This definition comes from the ISO 26 000 norm, on the social responsibility of organisms, which is consensus on an international level.

DIATEX, certified BPI Accelerator in 2018, is accompanied daily by BPI France in its innovation and value adding process.

Environmental regulations approach

DIATEX strongly commits in a more than respectful manner towards the environment, by guaranteeing its textile manufacturing cycle, or by carefully selecting its suppliers and the products that it offers to its clientele, within REACH recommendations such as, for instance:

  • Fabrics carefully made within the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 labelling
  • A range of water-based release agents,
  • Biodegradable films,
  • Multi-component complexes in order to reduce waste,
  • Single (or even double) sided adhesive fabrics to avoid using glue sprays,

The ZYVAX® water-based release agent range, qualified for Aeronautics application, which we officially distribute within Europe, allows:

  • To preserve materials
  • To optimize raw materials and energy consumption,
  • To space out maintenance cycles,
  • To use lighter and recycled materials,
  • To improve productivity
  • To preserve the health of users (low to no VOC)
  • To reduce waste.

Manufacturing cycle

Manufacturing cycle