The markets of the Technical Textiles division


We develop and market materials for textile air ducts systems and monofilament and multifilament fabrics, extruded scrims for siftering of chemical products and food industry, filters for automotive industry, pharmaceutical and medical treatment, electrolysis, netting for air diffusion, air conditioning, water purification, vibrating sieves.



Gaine diffusion  


Tissus de tamisage à fromage PP G9103
Filtre piscine PP 28.30 / 650µ


Our range of textiles for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes canvas and fire retardant polyester knits, high tenacity polyamide and aramid especially for personal protection.

Flame and high temperature protection

Nomex® knits and fabrics


  • Protection against flames and high temperatures for car racing, high risk industries, the army, the paramilitary and forces of law and order.
  • Fabrics and meshes made of meta-aramide (Nomex).
  • Run-proof items made of preox carbon.
  • Meshes and fabrics made of fireproof polyester.
  • Inner nets for helmets.


We develop industrial protection covers for all your needs :

  • mechanical protection
  • thermal protection
  • sound protection
  • outdoor protection
  • antistatic protection

Antistatic, chemical and NRBC protection

Knits and fabrics in flame retardant polyester with technical yarns: carbon / metallic or anti-bacterial

Applications :

  • Anti-static protection for paint-spraying booths / ventilation shafts and dust-accumulation chambers.
  • Fireproof polyester fabrics with carbon-fibre inserts.
  • All kinds of item with special anti-static finishes.
  • Electromagnetic shielding.
  • Linings of technical and administrative clothes.
Équipement de protection individuelle F290 NOMEX
Équipement de protection individuelle MS 60242 Nomex
Équipement de protection individuelle MS60242 NOMEX
protection-antistatique M837FR HYDRO
Protection Technique


High Tenacity fabrics

High Tenacity for fight clothing, rucksacks, sleeping bags, tent fabrics, ponchos, technical luggage, military and emergency tents.

Applications :

  • Fabrics with waterproof-breathable membrane.
  • Fabrics for fight clothing, rucksacks, sleeping bags, tent fabrics,
  • Fireproof linings : special finishes such as dyeing with infra-red
    reflectance and multi-colour printing.
  • PU coated fabrics for technical Luggage (security forces – military
    in particular)
F2373PS FR
M3526-M919PA CO


Tents and insulating structure

We developed a range of multilayer anti-fire complexes used as slim and flexible insulators  for the inner layer of emergency tents, military or during events.

These insulators are fire-rated M1 or M2 and can be waterproof, breathing or antistatic according to needs. The most performant products can reach an RCT close to 0.5 m2. K/W according to the norm EN 12667.

Tente isolante M837FRTL OUATR EC
isolation-thermique M838PSFR/alU1F/ISOL



Masks and blouses, isolation airlocks, antibacterial and virucidal textiles.

Diatex, with its expertise in weaving and fabric treatments, manufactures in its workshops a wide range of technical fabrics with a medical or paramedical* orientation. Our position as a manufacturer enables us to master the various technical characteristics sought in these fabrics for medical or paramedical use, i.e. the functions: antibacterial, antistatic, waterproofing, filtration, etc., on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our products fully fulfil a barrier or filtering role. They provide total protection or at least temporary security.

During the manufacturing process we obviously integrate the notions of efficiency, economy and durability. All our fabrics are washable and reusable.
In this way, we participate in the ecological approach that is opposed to single-use objects.

* range of fabrics adapted for manufacturing :


Blouses and overalls
Blouses et sur-blouses We have chosen to work with a light polyester fabric to allow the blouses to be washed and dried quickly.

The advantages of our product :

  • Light polyester : Washes and dries quickly
  • Addition of conductive threads : Permanent antistatic properties
  • Water repellent treatment of the fibre : Water repellent resistant to many washes.

M5041AS PS


Masque-grand-public One of our fabrics, breathable, resistant and water-repellent, currently allows the manufacture of masks for non-sanitary use category 1 anti-projection.Reusable, it retains its properties after 40 washes.Approved by the DGA (Directorate General of Armaments).
Compliying with AFNOR specifications – March 27, 2020 (AFNOR Spec – Barrier masks) and specifications now referenced by an interministerial note of March 29, 2020. (AFNOR SPEC S76-001).

Isolation kit for stretchers

CIVIANCE is an isolation kit for stretchers that can be used on all types of stretchers available in armies, emergency services and civil or military hospitals.

It represents the most economical solution with a double aim :

  •  the prevention of any risk of contamination of nursing staff and equipment (stretcher, vehicle) during the transfer of patients with contagious diseases (e.g. #COVID).
  • the optimisation of the number of possible interventions with the same equipment and crew.

Containment airlock
The advantages of our product:

  • Light and flexible coated fabric: < 150 g/m²
  • Fire classification M1
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Does not become brittle like PVCs in negative temperatures, remains flexible

Flexible, light and easily movable insulation materials

Emergency medical tents

Movable walls


We weave a complete range of base fabrics for Coating & Laminating used for Aeronautics and Space industry.

Examples of applications :

  • Aramid fabrics for seal or expansion joint.
  • Flame retardant fabrics for air planes interiors.
  • Miltary parachutes and air brakes fabrics.
  • Protective bags with hydrolysis and abrasion resistance for parachute.


Textiles for inflatable structures : outer casing, helium airtight balloons.

Our experience in the filtration and aeraulics sector has enabled us to launch a range of fabrics used in airtight structures both indoors and out :

  • PU fireproof coating , UV resistant.
  • Laminations of technical films, waterproof, UV resistant , air tight and helium tight, reflectors, scattering.
  • Metallization.

Flying Whales

Toiles d’enductions PU pour dirigeable


Diatex also designs and manufactures technical fabrics for the luxury industry, such as fabrics for the interior lining of travel bags and coating supports for leather goods. Diatex develops numerous items such as coated canvases, particularly for luxury leather goods. These fabrics can be printed or dyed  with customer’s colors/designs.


  • Printing supports (width up to 500cm),
  • Textiles for scenic & architectural decoration,
  • Inflatable structures,
  • Diffusing or blackout fabrics / lighting balloons.

DIATEX develops and commercializes a range of supports, fabrics, meshes and nets from 1.50m to 10m, from 40g/m² to 300g/m², mainly rated M1 or M2, permanents or fireproof: anti-fire textiles for set decor, for digital printing up to 5.40m wide, air and helium tight complexes for inflatable structures (domes, aerostats, 3D advertisement…)


Inflatables structures

Our experience in the filtration area and Aeraulics, allowed us to setup a range of fabrics for seal proof structures for indoor / outdoor use: PU fireproof / UV resistant  coatingscounter bonding of technical films, airtight/waterproof/gas-tight (helium) UV barriers, reflectors, diffusers, metallization.

  • Textiles for aerostats, inflatable tents and domes
  • 3D advertisement
  • Totems – Luminous columns
  • Luminous balloons
  • Events tents
  • Sky Dancers
  • Kites
  • Wind flags

Set decor

Our fireproof fabrics are destined to installers of events, architects and decorators:

  • Set design, theater, concerts
  • Salons, festivals, museums, stores
  • Movies and Television sets
  • Screens
  • Awnings


Printing supports

Our partnership with our dyers and coaters allowed us to elaborate from our supports a range of digitally printable textiles up to 3m wide, for indoors and outdoors applications.
These fireproofed fabrics are destined to printing by sublimation & direct printing and respect the anti-fire norms. All our polyester and FR polyester (M1 anti-fire) are printable by sublimation in transfer printing without any former treatment.
Direct printing preparations will avoid problems of diffusion staining, ease the transfer of colorants and condition printing quality.

  • Events Business Communication
  • Interior Design
  • Signage: Stands, Stores, Museums, Shows.
  • Flag, kakemonos, banners, tifos, printed veils, umbrellas, aerial banners, wind flags, …