In 1986, DIATEX started its activity through its Agro-textiles division: 30 years later, this division has largely developed and represents 14% of the company’s business. It counts major names of agricultural biotechnology among its customers, but also seed companies, horticulturists, CNRS and farmers.

DIATEX soon diversified its activity, entering a specific market in France: fabrics for the interlining and masking for light aircraft. This activity, although it is a marginal one compared to the company’s growth remained highly symbolical, and constitutes the Light Aircraft Division.

The Advanced textiles division was created in the 90s with the manufacturing of fabrics for ventilation ducts, filtration, industry, aeronautics, events and personal protection. This division represents around 24% of the company’s activity.

Still in the 90s, the Composites division was introduced with a highly innovative program: a range of products, processes and supports for the vacuum processing of composite materials. The goal was ambitious: to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the aeronautics, ship and wind sectors. This is now the case with customers such as BOEING, AIRBUS, VESTAS and the BENETEAU Group. The Composites division represents more than 60% of the activity.

One event marks the growth of DIATEX: the purchase in 2015 of its TDM weaving subsidiary. DIATEX invests 2M € on the site to modernize it and set it up to aeronautical standards. An aeronautical certification EN9100 in 2016 rewards these efforts and sets the weaving on the path of excellence.

Finally, Diatex quickly decided to partner with its supplier.