R&D – Innovation


Always ensuring constant innovation, and as a response to demanding requirements inherent to the high technology industry, DIATEX allocates an important part of its capital in development of new products.
From specifications written with their partners, DIATEX defines and optimizes the technical characteristics of required products.


Thanks to its technical knowledge and R&D management, DIATEX capitalizes on its know-how to develop new applications, and ensures, in absolute confidentiality, to the elaboration of innovative products from their design to prototyping, until production.

This goes through a process in which the project (idea or concept) is studied, with benchmarks which determine if it is kept or abandoned. This method allows to decide the best ways of development possible from technological or commercial constraints, and evaluate its maturity.

DIATEX invests in high-tech equipment. In order to validate the characteristics of a considered project, DIATEX also has an internal laboratory conformed to the EN9100, as well as a workshop to create the products which will be used in tomorrow’s processes.



Attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers, DIATEX directs its R&D strategy towards numerous partnerships and collaborations:

  • The IFTH (French Institute for Textile and Clothing), center of expertise and textile innovation for more than 20 years.
  • TECHTERA competitiveness hub (European cluster of innovation at the heart of the textile transformation) which animates network of laboratories, technical centers and companies and allows to stay fully up-to-date on the latest market and technological developments and participate to collaborative projects.
    (Cf. project SEALCOAT carried by TECHTERA).

TECHTERA is the first European textile hub to have obtained the Gold Label in March 2016 (« CLUSTER MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE LABEL GOLD »). It is a certification at the European level that underlines the level of excellence of TECHTERA in the management of its activities, and certifies  the successful commitment of the hub into a continuous improvement approach.