Agrotextiles Industry

Full Field Farming


Specialists of protection against harmful wildlife and weather protection, DIATEX offers full field farming protection nets or anti-drosophilae, such as F1070, PE30/24.22 or F520.

Fruit Farming


DIATEX offers a complete solution for fruit & tree farming protection: anti codling moth nets, wind breaker nets, anti-hail or anti-birds nets.



DIATEX offers a complete solution for horticultural producers: specific pollination nets, nurseries containers and suspension bags, protection covers…
Also solutions for protection against self-propagating weeds or insects.



DIATEX offers a complete solution for farming, from protection against self-propagating weeds to anti-bird nets, anti-insects or shade nets.

Aquaculture & Fishing

marché aquaculture

DIATEX is a reference for many years on the Aquaculture market. We offer filtration nets such as the PE22.30, anti-intrusion nets for fish farming like the F1070, fishing nets, but also oyster-farming nets.

Snail farming


DIATEX offers a specific net for snail farmers, in order to keep them inside the farm. Moreover, you will find a range of accessories.



Concerned about the environmental issues, especially the protection of the amphibian life, DIATEX offers a net allowing to keep them out of the road network.