These few key words alone cannot summarize 30 years of DIATEX activity however they may allow you to understand the spirit of our company: innovate, design, certify, produce, listen, exchange, export, and bond.

Our values ​​are organized around 6 major axes all of which are oriented towards customer satisfaction and are to be applied in each entity:

  • Delivery and quality of mastered products
  • Involvement of Personnel
  • Aeronautics & Aerospace
  • Technology & Development: R&D, Innovation
  • Efficiency & competitiveness
  • X as in rated confidential, counterfeit management.

Our production sites are located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in order to control our production quality and to ensure that the skills we put at the service of our customers contribute to our continuous improvement process.

In close collaboration with our weaving factory (Tissages des Mûres), and our dyeing / textile finishing and cutting companies, we develop and produce a range of technical supports in line with our customers’ requirements.

Thus, we commit ourselves to:

  • Being attentive (to our customers’ needs and expectations)
  • Being responsive (due to the proximity of our partners)
  • Being innovative (through 3 levers: our in-depth market knowledge, our R&D management and collaboration on major projects)
  • Being adaptable (according to a personalized study and bill of specifications prior to any project)
  • Providing a high production capacity (thanks to our high-performance machinery and our air business up to 1000 strokes / minute)
  • Developing our corporate social responsibility – CSR (in order to protect the environment and the health of individuals, DIATEX and its subsidiaries have implemented drastic measures to take into account the REACH recommendations : both energy constraints and wastewater -generated by the manufacture of fabrics- treatment are therefore at the heart of society’s concerns.)