About Composite division

The Composites division was born in 1991 from a technical textile development for composite materials molding under vacuum: the VACUOPLEX™, first technical complex of molding under vacuum invented and patented by DIATEX.
Today, the activity and specialty of the Composites division are set around 4 transformation processes:
Composites Vacuum molding,
Composites Vacuum Infusion,
RTM Injection
(Resin Transfer Molding),
RTM LIGHT Injection.

In these 4 process technologies, DIATEX’s Composites division brings to end-users:

  • Technical support
  • A range of technical fabrics
  • Vacuum molding consumables
  • Vacuum Infusion consumables
  • Vacuum machines & systems
  • RTM injection machines
  • Training space: classes and demos.

The manufacturing process of the Composites division is in the “ECODESIGN” mindset, in response to a strong demand of its clientele.
The goal is to manufacture a range of products more anchored into the environment friendly / ecological trend, within REACH recommendations such as for instance:

  • Water-based release agents,
  • Biodegradable films,
  • Multilayer / multiproduct complexes to reduce waste,
  • Single/double sided adhesive fabrics to avoid glue sprays,
  • Fabrics manufacturing including waste water reprocessing

DIATEX is a sponsor of the SAMPE France association.