About Agrotextile division


Here since the birth of DIATEX in 1986, the AGROTEXTILES division offers a large range of fabrics for the agriculture, farming, environment and leisure.
30 years later, it understood how to evolve to adapt to agriculture & environment current issues and bring innovative solutions with for instance the creation of MÉTATRON at CAUMONT partnering with the INRA.

The AGROTEXTILES division counts nowadays, among its customers, major names of the agricultural biotechnology, seed sellers, horticulturists, CNRS (National Scientific Research Center) and farmers, specializing more and more into realization of tailored products such as insulation cages for seed selectors and research centers for instance, conceptions more and more exported throughout Europe but also the USA or Russia.

The Agriculture: defense of cultures

We offer a complete range of protection nets against destructive pest and other parasites but also weather-protection nets as well as self-propagating plants, to answer the needs of professionals of the Agricultural field such as horticulture, truck farming, arboriculture, viticulture and large culture.

Based on our know-how, we custom manufacture on-demand for various uses. From tunnel and basin covers, via crop nets to experiment cages, we adapt to specific requests of professionals such as research centers or technical institutes.

Farming: aquaculture and heliciculture

The breeding range offers a large choice of products from shade protection, or against birds to specific nets. In aquaculture, we offer filtration nets, intrusion-proof nets in fish farming, fishing nets, but also oyster-farming nets.

Our HELICINET PLUS net and its accessories allow snail farming and their upkeep inside a park thanks to an integrated electrical ribbon.


We also care deeply about environment protection: we offer amphibian protective nets allowing their preservation, while securing paths for the wildlife.


This range offers sight blocking nets available in several colors, pergola covers (triangle, rectangle or square shaped) and pool covers (anti-leaf).