Event business

DIATEX develops and commercializes a range of supports, fabrics, meshes and nets from 1.50m to 10m, from 40g/m² to 300g/m², mainly rated M1 or M2, permanents or fireproof: anti-fire textiles for set decor, for digital printing up to 5.40m wide, air and helium tight complexes for inflatable structures (domes, aerostats, 3D advertisement…)

Inflatables structures


Our experience in the filtration area and Aeraulics, allowed us to setup a range of fabrics for seal proof structures for indoor / outdoor use: PU fireproof / UV resistant  coatings, counter bonding of technical films, airtight/waterproof/gas-tight (helium) UV barriers, reflectors, diffusers, metallization.

  • Textiles for aerostats, inflatable tents and domes
  • 3D advertisement
  • Totems – Luminous columns
  • Luminous balloons
  • Events tents
  • Sky Dancers
  • Kites
  • Wind flags

Set decor


Our fireproof fabrics are destined to installers of events, architects and decorators:

  • Set design, theater, concerts
  • Salons, festivals, museums, stores
  • Movies and Television sets
  • Screens
  • Awnings

Printing supports


Our partnership with our dyers and coaters allowed us to elaborate from our supports a range of digitally printable textiles up to 3m wide, for indoors and outdoors applications.
These fireproofed fabrics are destined to printing by sublimation & direct printing and respect the anti-fire norms. All our polyester and FR polyester (M1 anti-fire) are printable by sublimation in transfer printing without any former treatment.
Direct printing preparations will avoid problems of diffusion staining, ease the transfer of colorants and condition printing quality.

  • Events Business Communication
  • Interior Design
  • Signage: Stands, Stores, Museums, Shows.
  • Flag, kakemonos, banners, tifos, printed veils, umbrellas, aerial banners, wind flags, …