About Tissages des Mûres


Leader, weaving specialist of synthetic fibers in Royans’ county, strong of a century-old technical heritage, anchored in the cradle of the Rhône-Alpes textile, TISSAGES DES MÛRES, subsidiary and long-time partner, is completely acquired by DIATEX in 2015.

Since then, TISSAGES DES MÛRES has continued its development through:

  • The setup of a strict quality system: 5S method,
  • Aeronautical certification EN9100,
  • Conformance setup via its control laboratory.

Its machine park, made of 2 workshops, WATER and AIR, allows to bring an adapted solution to any project, thanks to the presence of very wide  air-jet looms (up to 5m40), reaching a capacity of 1000 hits/minute (which DIATEX was one of the owning pioneers) and new generation water-jet looms  with a weaving width capacity up to 2m10.

Regular massive investments  from DIATEX in an ultra-performant machine park for its weaving factory Tissages des Mûres for many years, allowed to bring key economic trustworthy partners such as the CCI Lyon (Chamber of Commerce) / le Grand Lyon, BPI France, and to get rewarded as “Pépites” or French Fab.

The company sets itself nowadays on industrial projects of the future, such as, for instance, the SEALCOAT project (development of a smart fabric for canvas mounting on an aerostat designed to carry heavy loads, over 60 tons).
It is proud to have as major clients companies such as AIRBUS and BOEING, as well as French industrials, all on the path of innovation and international markets.