RTV mould ancillaries

Resin channel
Ref. Conditioning
ACSIL-RTV-CANAL00253 Sold by 1m
Resin channel with insert
Ref. Conditioning
ACSIL-RTV-CANAL00254 Sold by 1m
ACSIL-RTV-CANAL00255 Sold by 0.2m
X-shape resin channel
Ref. Conditioning
X-shape resin channel
Sold by unit
X-shape resin channel with insert
Sold by unit
Profile & Pug
Designation Ref. Cond.
Plug for resin channel
Diameter : 10mm
ACSIL-RTV-STOP3860 Sold by unit
Silicone profile for resin channel
Diam. 10mm
ACSIL-RTV-PROFIL1012 Roll x 25ml
Silicone profile for resin channel
Diam. 14mm
ACSIL-RTV-PROFIL1416 Roll x 25ml
Silicone foam cord
For modeling the resin channel
Designation Ref. Diameter
Silicone foam cord ACSIL-RTV-CORD00256 10 mm
Vacuum ancillaries
Designation Ref. Cond.
Silicone profile for vacuum channel ACSIL-RTV-PROFIL0261 Sold by 1m
Internal & external 90° angles ACSIL-RTV-PROFIL0287 4 units batch
Vacuum channel foam seal ACSIL-RTV-PROFIL0260 Roll x 25ml
2-sided adhesive tape ACSIL-RTV-SCOTCH Roll x 50ml
IMPS High temperature insert
Designation Ref. Cond.
Compatible with 12 mm injection fitting & IMPS pressure sensor ACSIL-RTV-INSER00252 Sold by unit
Injection fittings
for resin channel
Designation Ref. Cond.
12 mm injection fitting for 10-12 PEHD pipe ACSIL-RTV-RACC00269 Sold by unit
Quick connector for 10-12 pipe CO-XM-0407 Sold by unit
Silicone injection fittings
for resin channel
Fittings for RTV silicone membranes
  • made of silicone
  • more economical
  • easier implementation (no more metallic fittings)
12 mm silicone fitting ACSIL-RTV-INSER00651 Sold by unit
16 mm silicone fitting ACSIL-RTV-INSER00652 Sold by unit
Calibrated wax
for mould construction
Ref. Thickness Cond.
CO-CC004-005 0.5 mm Box x 10 sheets
CO-CC004-010 1 mm Box x 8 sheets
CO-CC004-015 1.5 mm Box x 8 sheets
CO-CC004-020 2 mm Box x 8 sheets
CO-CC004-025 2.5 mm Box x 6 sheets
CO-CC004-030 3 mm Box x 4 sheets
CO-CC004-040 4 mm Box x 4 sheets
CO-CC004-050 5 mm Box x 3 sheets
Ref. Designation Cond.
CO-YELLOWWAX650 Filling wax Pack x 650 g
Knitted reinforcements
F2387PS F1862PS F2373PSHV
Designation Ref. Cond.
Lifting kit SC00300 Sold by unit
Also Repair Kit
Silicone Elastomer based adhesive, curing at room temperature.
Compatible with composite or metallic moulds.
Hardness 30 Shore A / Immediate tack.
Ref. Temperatures Cond.
CO-RD-COLLE-E43/310 Temp -50°C / +180°C Short duration: 250°C Cartridge x 310 ml