Pézize: A space to stroll and relax

Pézize offers a contemplative route and offers various spatial typologies: low ceiling spaces, high ceilings, central patio, see-through areas…

It is an exhibition project in collaboration with an association that seeks to revitalize the centre of a village in the Gers. Pézize (named after the mushrooms that inspired the shape) will be installed from June 1st till September 15th, 2019 in Maignaut (32).
The structure will cover 77m² and have a maximum height of 5.80m. Through this project, we continue our research on the spatial richness made possible by inflatable structures, with a in-and-out effect, and a work on double reverse curve geometries.

Learn more about it: http://www.dynamorphe.fr/pezize.html

Internal space: 45m².
Surface: 63 m² (deformed hexagon) on an area of 7 x 11.5m (80m²).

L x W: 7 x 11.5m

Maximum height: 5.80 m

Plan projet Pézize