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Diatex SAS is an industrial fabric manufacturer that specializes in the rapidly growing field of technical fabrics for high-tech niche markets. Diatex was founded by Philippe Gouthez in 1986 and is based in Saint-Genis-Laval (France) near Lyon, in the middle of a heavily chemical/textile industrial area.

The business started out working for the agrotextile (technical fabrics for agriculture and aquafarming) and light aeronautics sectors, later creating its Engineering Fabrics division in 1990 and its Composite division in 1991.

The Light Aeronautics division offers a broad range of products that includes structural fabrics, engineering paints and equipment for light aircraft.

In the Agrotextile division, Diatex fabrics are used mainly for research and developments purposes. The division also offers a complete range of harvest, shade, insect and windbreak netting.

The Engineering Fabrics division supplies technical fabrics for filtration and other industrial purposes, for personal protection, and for the events sector.

The Composite division supplies vacuum bagging material for use in manufacturing vacuum moulding, vacuum infusion- and RTM moulded composite parts.

Thanks to the current diversity of its business sectors, Diatex is able to adapt to a number of different fields, and the synergy among the four divisions is an advantage for creativity and innovation.

In 2007, Diatex formalized its quality system through Bureau Veritas and became certified for ISO 9001:2000. To meet the requirements of its aerospace customers, the industrial fabric manufacturer also decided to obtain EN 9120 certification from Qualifas. Today, Diatex’s quality management system is organized around three certifications : ISO 9001, EN 9100 and Oeko Tex.

  • 1986 : Diatex Company established with the Agrotextile and Light Aeronautics division
  • 1990 : Engineering Fabrics division created
  • 1991 : Composite division created
  • 1991 : Vacuoplex laminate developed and patented
  • 1994 : Company moves
  • 2000 : Vacuopeel patent filed
  • 2007 : ISO 9001:2000 certification obtained
  • 2007 : Qualifas EN 9100 certification obtained (manufacture of technical materials for the aerospace industry) (Airbus)
  • 2008 : Company expands with the inauguration of a new building
  • 2010 : Offices opened in La Rochelle to facilitate market penetration in the western part of France.
  • 2011 : ISO 9001, EN9100 and EN 9120 certifications from Bureau Veritas
  • 2012 : Oeko Tex certification
  • 2013 : Vacuoplex MP (Microporous technology) international patent
  • 2014 : Initiated a management takeover by Mr. Bernard DE MULATIER, in association with this management team of over 15 years standing




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