Textiles developments & innovation

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Coating and laminating supports, supports for decoration, recycled fabrics, prototyping & making.


Specific textiles developements

We are placing all our experience as designer of technical fabrics at your disposal, from item design and finish to production, in order to assist you with implementing your projects.

• Development and Special treatments availables on demand :

  • Weaving until 5.40 ml (water /air jet looms , rapier looms) – Knitting until 5 ml
  • Thermo-fixation – dyeing – printing – fireproofing
  • Coating (PU, PVC, acrylic) – laminating, pasting, blanking, preparation for digital printing.
  • Quilting

• Colouring and dyeing for 500 m sections

  • Single-side or double-side transfer printing for 100 m minimum sections in a range of 120 colours
  • Digital printing from your file
  • Metallization


We are able to undertake any kind of special production :

  • Filtration bags
  • Gaiters for vibrating sieves and for transporting powders
  • Retention pockets
  • Sewn tarpaulins with grommets
  • Towed banners
  • Kakemonos, streamers, flags…
  • Giant jerseys, supporter banners, tifos
  • Fireproofed netting and made to measure tarpaulins
  • Multilayer composites by ultrasonic welding seam and seam


Specific cuttings
We also realize specific cuttings.

  • Cutting rolls to the desired length
  • Reels cut hot or cold from 15 mm width upwards
  • Reels cut in tubes (cut and seal or ultra-sound)
  • Cold cutting of rectangular or circular formats (for over-moulding, for example)
  • Cutting items of any shape from CAD files.