Covering fabrics

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DIATEX covering fabrics are among the most efficient in the market.

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 They are manufactured from high strength shrinkable polyester yarn, in our mill and processed on our textile finishing site.
These fabrics are all 100% polyester, heat shrinkable from 100°C (approximately 15%).

CAUTION: Before any covering, the user should make sure that he complies with the aircraft manufacturer’s documentation (service bulletins, material specifications, etc.), to ensure the correct choice of the fabric according to the requirements of the techniques used.

Reference Width Weight Shrinkage
DIACOV 1000 75 cm 86 g/m² X
DIATEX 1000 150 cm 49 g/m² > 15%
DIATEX 1500 190 cm 86 g/m² > 15%
DIATEX 1500 EV3 185 cm 89 g/m² > 15%
DIATEX 2000 195 cm 125 g/m² > 15%
DIATEX 2000 EV3 195 cm 125 g/m² > 15%