The DIAFIREWALL firewall, a 2.5 mm thick complex, made of a 0.5 mm sheet of MICA 480 g/m² and a 2 mm ceramic felt, for a total weight of only 1 kg/m².
It offers the following features:

  • Very low thermal conductivity (ASTM C-177 chart) allowing to lower the temperature of one side from 1600°C to 70°C on the other side!
  • Excellent fire/temperature barrier.
  • Very flexible to work with scissors, replacing the stainless steel sheet thickness 4/10.
  • Complies with the BURNTROUGH RESISTANCE test of FAR 25-856 paragraph b.
  • Excellent soundproofing for improved comfort in the cockpit. Very good vibration isolator, all the elements thus fixed on the wall are better protected (relays, small electronics).
  • Easy implementation by multi-point heat-resistant gluing of an engine (epoxy, PU, Neoprene,…)
  • Ceramic white side: attach some safety washers to the edges & corners
  • Grey face MICA motor side (for mechanical support in case of fire)

Protect DIAFIREWALL from screwdriver and the splashing of oil, which it absorbs.
A very light aluminium strap protects it.

Width of 100 cm.
Sold by linear meter.