Digital Canvas Mounting Iron


Shrink hot and stretch the fabric with our Digital Coating Iron. Pass briefly over the entire area and then return to the parts with less tension or with folds. Gradually increase the temperature of the iron between each pass. Stop shrinking as soon as the fabric seems tight.

  • Providing precise digital temperature control from 100°C to 220°C (212°F to 428°F)
  • LCD shows accurate current temperature of shoe
  • Can change the unit °C <-> F°
  • Increase thermostatic-control-accuracy
  • Perfect for any heat shrink film or fabric covering (DIATEX 1000, DIATEX 1500, DIATEX 2000)
  • New iron shoe makes the covering procedure easier
  • Teflon coated shoe prevents scratching
  • Safety metal stand and iron sock included
  • Special TPR material handle design provides a comfortable handling.
  • It’s fitter for ergonomics
  • This iron will be put out automatically after 6H when it starts