SOLO colourless nitrocellulose coating

For bonding and dope

SOLO coating is a unique product that allows you to bond your fabric onto a wood, metal, or composite structure or perform fabric-fabric bonding; it is also used for tensioning, stabilizing the tension, coating and sealing your DIATEX 1000, 1500 or 2000 fabric.

For the bonding step, SOLO coating is used neat (without solvent) and should be applied in 2-3 layers with a flat brush (the drying time between coats is one hour).
SOLO coating can also be applied with a roller after being diluted with Solvent for SOLO to 50% for the first coat and 25% for the second (the drying time between coats is one hour).

For the tensioning step, SOLO coating is applied with a brush or roller (no spray gun) and is used neat or with a maximum of 10% of Solvent for SOLO (after heat shrinkage of the fabric with our of digital covering iron). 2-3 cross coats are necessary for DIATEX 2000 and DIATEX 1500 and 2 layers for DIATEX 1000 (the drying time between coats is one hour)