Protection of amphibians

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We also take environmental protection in account: we offer amphibian safety nets to protect them, while securing the passage of wildlife.

Our AMPHINET fence is a monofilament high density polyethylene knitted net.
It is a trap barrier that deviates the migration flow of amphibians from the roads.
Additional accessories are also available.

Ref. Shade coef. Windbreak coef. Color Weight Packaging
F1132-075VE 45% 50% Green 100 g/m² Roul. 0.75 m x 100 ml
F1134-0.75* 60% 65% Green 130 g/m² Roul. 0.75 m x 100 ml
FOM70-0.75* 70% 75% Dark green 180 g/m² Roul. 0.75 m x 100 ml

*Production only on request and for a minimum order of 6000 ml minimum.
Delay 2-4 weeks.