Amphibians protection

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DIATEX also holds environmental protection close to its heart: we offer amphibian protection netting, ensuring their protection while enabling the safe passage of wild animals.

The AMPHINET is a knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament net. It acts as a barrier-trap that diverts the migratory flow of batrachians away from main roads.
Additional accessories are also available.
Ref. Coefficient Colour Weight Pack Accessories
Shade Wind-


Rilsan Thread reel Traditional post Slanted post
F1132-075VE 45% 50% Green 100g/m² 0.75 x 100 ml roll AARILSAN AA-FILPAN3-0200NR AAPIQ/850Q-6REC
F1132-100VE 1.00 x 100 ml roll AAPIQ/1000Q-6INCL
Only upon request
75% 70% Black 180g/m² 1.00 x 100 ml roll