Leaf netting for pools and ponds

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On request, we can create pool protection netting of any size.
We ensure a great finish with polyester straps around the perimeter and metal eyelets every 50 cm.
The bungee strap is included and can be fitted by you.

Ref. Mesh opening Color Width/Lenght Weight Uses
F1024 8 x 5 mm Green Custom-made 50 g/m² Leaves
F1026Q 5 x 3 mm Green Custom-made 65 g/m² Leaves
F1032 2 x 3 mm Green Custom-made 100 g/m² Debris – Leaves
PE40/17.28 1.5 x 0.5 mm Black Custom-made 145 g/m² Debris – Leaves

Our leaf nets for pools and ponds offer features, such as: high resistance, light weight (from 50 to 145 g/m²) and permeability thanks to the mesh, preventing surface water stagnation. They act as screens that restrict the passage of light, preventing the growth of microorganisms.

filet anti-feuilles piscine