"DIAPACK" trolley covers

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Specially designed with growers for flowers trolleys

We have designed a special cover for plant trolleys. This product can be adapted to many applications, using different textiles and different fastening methods, depending on the specifications of the products to be transported.

✔️Quick installation : 35-45 seconds
✔️Perfect fit : thanks to included support hooks or sleeves (depending on the model)
✔️Prevents friction between trolleys
✔️Complete aeration for advance order preparation
✔️Ecological : prevents waste at points of sale
✔️Economical : long service life 3 to 7 years
✔️Reusable (economical and environmentally friendly alternative to stretchable films)
✔️Adjustable: its elastic closure system makes it possible to transport bulky plants.
✔️Easy to repair: clips and fasteners can be changed easily
✔️100 % HDPE
✔️Anti-UV treatment